Scandals R US

May 25, 2013 Is it really any wonder how people throughout the world are subjected to scandal after scandal in the United States? Really? Let’s see, right now by my account, on the front burner is the IRS scandal and the Benghazi scandal. But, no worries, there is the plethora of back-burner scandals equally significant but due to being out of sight (not on the front page of corporate media), they are also out of mind.

Scandals are nothing new to America.Some of these back-burner scandals, to name a few, are CISPA, NDAA, fracking, TPPA, LIBOR and Fast and Furious. Their subject matter spans the spectrum from the environment (fracking) to the second amendment (Fast and Furious) to increased surveillance (CISPA) and increased government, banking, and corporate power (NDAA)(LIBOR)(TPPA). Sadly, I believe we are witnessing only the tip of the iceberg.  Such scandals speak to the ongoing overreach of governmental power and control in the lives of everyday people.

Scandal: a disgraceful action or event or a person whose conduct causes reproach or disgrace. Origin 1175–1225 – Late Latin: scandalum – snare, cause of moral stumbling. World English Dictionary

Since scandals can be found everywhere in American history, I find it curious how they are systematically overlooked and under-reported until and perhaps, a scandal of the past might be compared to a similar more recent one. Yet the biggest American scandal ever has been carefully and deeply buried in the name of self-preservation, progress and the American way.

By my own unearthing of this mother of all American scandals I have been able to make some sense of  a world gone mad Here in a nutshell is my conclusion. Early Americans of the post-American Revolution era succeeded in removing the British Crown as their overseer and created the original American jurisdiction via the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. By so doing, they also removed the Crown as the assumed intermediary between God and themselves and restored the flow of power to its rightful sequence of God, the people, and then to the several autonomous states.

However, ten years later, per the installation of the 1787 Constitution and its U.S. government system, the flow of power once again began the journey back to God-state-people. When we look back from today, we see how the state simply replaced the monarchy as the intermediary between God and the people and grew in power over them.

Something had gone terribly wrong for the people of America. Federalists deemed the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union utterly deficient (the original American constitution) and planned to create an entirely new constitution. They understood a new constitution might conflict with the peoples’ expectations of personal freedoms and liberties gained with the American Revolution, but as often is the case, ideals take a back seat to the plans of those who own the gold and intend to profit from it.

That is exactly how the Articles got shoved aside. George Washington said the Articles were, “little more than the shadow without the substance.” Another Framer, Gouveneur Morris, confirmed that the Framers of the second constitution asserted their authority OUTSIDE of the authority originally given them by the Congress of the Confederation to hold the constitutional convention in the first place.

“Whereas, in case of an appeal to the people of the United States, the supreme authority, the Federal compact may be altered by a majority of them, in like manner as the Constitution of a particular State may be altered by a majority of the people of the State. The amendment moved by Mr. ELLSWORTH erroneously supposes that we are proceeding on the basis of the Confederation. This Convention is unknown to the Confederation.”
—Gouveneur Morris, The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, Volume II

Patrick Henry was also quick to point out that the Framers’ revisions to the Articles “exceeded their powers.” According to researcher and law professor, Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera, the Constitution, as the law of the land and touted as the salvation for the people, was, in truth, a bloodless coup d’etat of the original American jurisdiction.

As sure as the day is long, the U. S. Government propaganda machine shifted into overdrive to assure Americans of the “sacredness” of the second, 1787 Constitution so they would never surmise the act of high treason it actually was. In the 21st century, the authority of the state dictates behavior for every sphere of life from economics to education and religion.

This scandal created the matrix from which all others have been birthed. I hope you will try to prove me wrong by doing your own research.

Think outside the box. Live outside the cage.


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  1. RB says:

    The Tower of Pisa was built on sand. It cannot be straightened. The US path was built on falsehoods. It cannot be straightened.

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