Intro 2 – Rule by Lies and Deception

The assumption America would always be different because it was founded as a republic based on freedom and liberty, is no longer safe to assume. The country’s slide since the 2008 economic crisis to the “New Normal” makes no sense given America’s brilliant beginning. A vast number of the country’s population suffers under the “soft” slavery of personal debt and endless taxation. One has to wonder, what happened?

From behind the scenes lurks a small segment of the general population that calls the shots. They leverage obscene financial wealth from positions of unquestioned authority while designing the control box of life for everyone else. They define the parameters of information allowed the public on issues of universal concern such as politics, education and the economy and we, the people, are expected to live happily inside the box they establish for us.

7headedBeast-AlbrechtDurer“They” are the twenty-first century oligarchs employing strategies of deception to conceal their true intentions. The times we live in may have changed but the mission of this segment of society strays little from oligarchs before them: to consolidate and pass down wealth, power, and control to an alleged “superior” gene pool. From time immemorial, the many have been ruled by the few, also known as “the ruling class.” Beyond the straightforward days gone-by of kings, financiers, and power brokers; the oligarchy has become a many-headed corporate beast.

Rule by the few, often seen as having self-serving ends. Aristotle used the term pejoratively for unjust rule by bad men, contrasting oligarchy with rule by an aristocracy. Most classic oligarchies have resulted when governing elites were recruited exclusively from a ruling class, which tends to exercise power in its own interest. —Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

The oligarchy strives to make merchandise of the people. Their motto, “The end justifies the means” (exitus acta probat), was originally attributed to Publius Ovidus Naso, Roman poet, 43 BC to AD 17, in Heroides, ii, 85. Doing the right thing only ever matters if it profits them. Otherwise, deception suffices as their modus operandi given two separate sets of rules, one for the ruling class and another for everyone else.

deception: A thing that deceives. From deceive: deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain: I didn’t intend to deceive people into thinking it was French champagne. —The Compact Oxford English Dictionary

The European House of Rothschild, dating back to the mid-eighteenth century, and its American counterpart, the Rockefeller Dynasty, of the mid-nineteenth century, provide two relevant examples. As recently as March 2012, representatives of these two powerful families had planned to consolidate some of their business holdings. According to the Financial Times of London, Lord Jacob Rothschild of RIT Capital Partners was poised to purchase a thirty-seven percent stake in the Rockefeller’s “wealth advisory and asset management group” represented by David Rockefeller. Such purchase would give the London investment trust an advantageous foothold in the United States.

In June 2012, the Rothschild name, once again, resurfaced. British banking giant, Barclays, was one of over twenty banks under investigation for the manipulation of the LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offered Rate). This investigation was far more serious than simply the bad behavior of an individual bank. Banks that control the LIBOR actually manipulate interest rates and therefore subsequent consumer prices. When Barclays reached an agreement to pay a minimum of $450 million to both U.S. and British banking regulators to resolve the charges, the chairman of the Barclays’ board and former Lazard banker, Marcus Agius, resigned. He just happened to be the husband of Katherine, daughter of Edmund de Rothschild.

not a level playing fieldBesides the control of the world of high finance, oligarchs love to control sources of energy and the media. Monopoly men who control the natural gas industry have incredibly deep pockets when it comes to their hard-hitting, very expensive television ad campaigns. Such ads promote American sources of natural gas and employment opportunities via bright green backgrounds and words like “clean” to exploit the psychological suggestion of a corporate industry, also a champion of the environment. All the while, bold exaggerations and outright lies capture the hearts and minds of “consumers”. It is simply business-as-usual.

Remarkably, truth is stranger than fiction when an independent video documents fire pouring from a homeowner’s faucet instead of water in the neighborhoods where there has been hydraulic fracturing. “Fracking” activists, fight to inform the public of multiple, real and present dangers to the extraction of natural gas from the earth in this manner. They completely understand how everyday people are deceived by the natural gas industry but unfortunately lack the advertising budget to compete with a corporate mega-buck, well-oiled, marketing machine.

As regards the ruling class’ control of media, the story of investigative journalist, Amber Lyons reveals what corporate media never will. How she got fired from CNN illustrates the control mainstream media has over what the public is allowed to know. Ms. Lyons had refused to stop reporting on her first-hand experience of the systematic torture and murder of peaceful protesters by the government of Bahrain. She found out that CNN had been taking money from a Bahrain government news source in exchange for airing their paid content, a version of the same protest but without any footage of the violent crackdowns against protestors.

In a September 28, 2012 interview, she told her story:

“At the same time I was being detained and risking my life to expose the Bahrain regime, CNN International is taking money from them in exchange for producing content that it airs on CNN International. Content disguised as news . . . a program called iList, and that program made Bahrain seem progressive..and that the Crown Prince was a reformer. And as an employee at CNN, I was never told that this was going on. Also viewers are not being told that CNN is being paid by state regimes, some with horrific human rights records, to air content disguised as news, which they’re often not even telling the viewers that this content was paid for by government.”