No Political Solutions to Spiritual Problems

of by and for the government

Americans of left, right and independent persuasions realize that their country has some serious problems, and that the playing field of life grows increasingly uneven. Kick the bums out! Elect leaders who care! Reform the system! Get money out of election campaigns! Protest! Write your Congressman and don’t forget to vote! The fickle finger of blame now seems to fall on racial and gender discrimination.  A mean-spirited right/left divide among politicians and everyday people seems only to grow. It is this writer’s opinion such divisiveness obscures a […] Read more »

Constitution Con? 11 Hidden Facts

October 23, 2013 The problems Americans face today go way back to the founding of the United States. Yet, text-book pride in the Founding Fathers and the inviolate “sacredness” of the Constitution reinforce an impenetrable firewall behind which Americans are blinded. Quick-fixes are not cutting it. We need long-lasting solutions of substance; the root-cause of any problem must be uncovered and analyzed first. Here are 11 hidden facts about the U.S. Constitution most people probably never learned. 1. The U.S. Constitution of 1787 was not the first […] Read more »

Man-Made Systems – Cui Bono?

Truth is the enemy

September 25, 2013 As I last wrote in, “Dictator Rising but Don’t Blame the President,” humans live their lives within the framework of natural systems (solar, ecological, etc.) and man-made systems (financial, political, educational, corporate, legal, etc.). Far more than what meets the eye; man-made systems revolve around operating assumptions based on a deeper core philosophy. Man-made systems are the physical endgame of intangible philosophies. As such, the segment of society in power that gives credence to a certain philosophy deems the systems they create, based on […] Read more »

An Effective Substitute for War: UN Agenda 21

Susstainable Development

September 22, 2013 According to the 1967 book, The Report from Iron Mountain, lasting peace would be neither desirable nor sustainable nor create the legitimate right for government to rule society. Among its nine specific recommendations, war and militarism topped the list as government’s best overall solutions until and if there was an effective substitute for war, equal in stature and impact to war, capable of creating a similar national rallying point for the masses. Their highest recommendation other than war and militarism was…environmentalism. “It may be, […] Read more »

Dictator Rising but Don’t Blame the President

of by and for the government

September 11, 2013 In his address to the nation, September 10 2013, President Obama backed off on attacking Syria butl reserved the right to do so if diplomacy fails. “…I’m also the President of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy. So even though I possess the authority to order military strikes, I believed it was right, in the absence of a direct or imminent threat to our security, to take this debate to Congress.” Like President Bush before him, President Obama makes it easy to blame him. Maybe […] Read more »

The Fruits of One’s Labor

Slavery by income taxation

September 2, 2013 Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the fruits of one’s labor were considered one’s personal property. As Labor Day 2013 rolls around, it occurs to me just how much the fruits of labor for the majority of American workers today have been compromised. Families not only live from paycheck to paycheck but also often need to use credit to make ends meet. Yet seventeenth century philosopher, John Locke said, “All wealth is the product of labor.” What labor gives, income taxation […] Read more »

The Constitution That Never Was

Extended border of 100 miles

August 16, 2013 Lately the Internet has been abuzz about “Constitution-free zones.” Over the course of American history the government power to search and protect at the borders has continually grown stronger. However, in the name of national security, the Department of Homeland Security has exceeded already expanded government authority. A February 2013 DHS executive summary reminded Americans of the legitimate “warrantless searches” they can perform at U.S. (extended) borders and at their functional equivalent (international airports). “The border search exception permits government officials to conduct ‘routine’ […] Read more »

Social Contract II: The Loss of Checks and Balances

July 28, 2013 On July 24, 2013, by a 12 point margin, the House of Representatives rejected an amendment to limit NSA surveillance of data collection on Americans. Their rejection allows the NSA unlimited access to spy on American’s private information. How, pray tell, does this represent the supposed social contract of supposed mutual benefit of both government and the people? One is certainly left to wonder. Earlier this month prior to the NSA amendment vote, Democrat John Conyers pointed out that the NSA had already violated […] Read more »

Social Contract: The Exceptions to the Rule

You are free to do as we tell you

July 19, 2013 “Individual rights are sacrificed so an elite ‘vanguard’ can take more power to itself.” ~anon What do the September 2013 completion of the mega NSA data and surveillance center in Bluffdale, Utah, federalized swat teams smashing down homeowner’s front doors, and the July 2013 acceptance of the Obama Administration’s appeal to retain portions of the NDAA for the indefinite detention of Americans have in common? For those who are not in denial, these three facts alone point to the breach of Americans’ social contract […] Read more »

Of Whistleblowers and Free Inhabitants

Will truth replace the many lies we are told?

June 27, 2013 “Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” ―Leo Tolstoy, A Confession, 1879 Lately, we are hearing a whole lot about whistleblowers, especially NSA whistleblowers and especially, Edward Snowden. Someone who saw something, said something, but just not quite the way Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had expected it. Snowden did not get a gold star for his efforts. Despite supposed federal whistleblower protections, the current administration under President Obama has the dubious distinction of persecuting more […] Read more »

How the Declaration of Independence got Hijacked

Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

June 21, 2013 This July 4th Americans celebrate their 237th Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence, signed during the midst of the American Revolution in 1776, was not just a statement of grievances against the British monarchy but also a declaration of freedom from it, citing unalienable rights of self-governance. Please notice that I said un-alienable, not in-alienable rights. Most believe there is no real difference between the two words. But not so fast. When unalienable was replaced with inalienable it diminished the original intention of personal […] Read more »

Telling the Truth is an Act of Treason?

the all-seeing eye

June 12, 2013 Truth no longer matters. All that matters today is power, control and money. Recent revelations of the mass surveillance of Americans by the National Security Agency (NSA) exposed covert, warrantless (illegal) actions of sophisticated big-brother systems. Some say whistleblower Edward Snowden is a traitor, others a hero of the people. For the State, truth is an annoying relic yet people are starved for it. Can you imagine if the evening news, upon reporting such shocking events as the NSA leaks, then reminded Americans how […] Read more »